About Us / FAQ

Current Subscriber count: 133 and growing!

Q: What is this place?

A: An online Goth Magazine-style gallery loosely inspired by Playboy. But those girls were always too thin!

Q: How do I vote, and what can I vote for?

A: You vote by joining the Triple-S Discord server, provided in your subscription confirmation email. When a new pinup is announced, you may vote with emoji reactions on the girl and/or her outfit. Further instructions can be found in the rules channel!

Q: What is “Yuri Week”?

A: Depending on the workload, either the second or third week of each month is a double-pinup. You vote on two girls instead of one.

Q: Do I have to sign up with my real name?

A: No. It can be your name or a username. I will update it to be less confusing at a later date!

Q: How can I contact you?

A: Message me on Discord, or email admin@triple-s.lazorstudios.com

Q: Do you take personal/unrelated commissions?

A: My commission schedule is a bit erratic, but you can ask for the status on Discord.